Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Wanna receive FREE Wii Cards, or FREE Xbox Live Membership,
or even FREE Gaming Systems or do you need some FREE Gaming Currency.
It doesn’t just end there!!

Signing up

1.Sign up at : Prizerebel (Remeber to use Truthful information when signing up as your FREE prizes will be delivered via this Info)
2.Goto your email and Activate your account by clicking the email sent by prizerebel, now you are ready to go earn Your free games and/or everything you want.

Interface of Prizerebel.com

Total Points - The amount of points you earned from doing offers, and from your refferals.
Total Completed Offers - How many offers you've completed and have been credited.
Logout- Logs you out
View Availabe Offers - List of offers that are available for you to do
View Completed Offers- List of Offers you've completed and have credited
View Available Prizes - List of Prizes
View Prize Claim - All the prizes you requested directly from rebel
Refferals - List and Stats Of your referrals and their points they made you
Refferal Banner - Banners that can be used to get referrals
FAQ - Commonly asked question
Custom Prizes - Information on how to get prizes that Aren't listed on the site's prize center
Support - Submit a Support ticket and get a reply from staff in 24 hours
Testimonials - All the happy people who got their prizes and took a picture because they can afford a camera which you can also get for FREE

How To get your prize

To get your prize you will need to do offers which will get you points. With the points you will be able to trade them in for anything you want including Games, Game currency, game systems, gift cards, ANYTHING! 1 point will = 1 USD, so if you want a game for 20$ you will need 20 points. Go get started Now:
First i would suggest you use firefox to do offers and Before and after every offer you do Clear your cookies. Now lets get started

1.Click Available offer, here you will see the name of the offer, Point value, and the requirement.
2.Now Choose the first offer you will want to to do but ill will suggest you to go through the pages and find the offer called "RJR: $5000 Cash" and then click "Click here to complete this offer" PICTURE
3.Now When the offer has fields where you type in your name,phone,email,address,Etc.etc. Just make it up, if you read the requirement on prizerebel it said:Complete the survey if you are over 18 and are a smoker and you look on the offer it as if your 18 and a smoker, so say yes to both of them and click continue.PICTURE
4.On this page is where you can put in the fake info and click submit: PICTURE
5.Now for the next page jsut put in random info also: PICTURE
Now wait for the next page to COMPLETELY LOAD you should see: THANK YOU! This is when you can then Clear your cookies. You have completed you first offer, if done correctly you should get the offer credited in 24 hours or less.




TIP:Use http://yp.yahoo.com/ for realistic that doesn't involve your information. Just pick a random genre and then put in a zip code and use the info for offers.

1.When you reach A long vertical list of offers Say yes to 2 and No to the rest(to say no fast click No then press Tab then down over and over untill your done with no's)
2.Complete at least 1 Advertisement in each offer.
3.When you reach the Gold/Silver/platinum offers Click 3 ads then exit out of them. Then goto next page
4.Clear cookies after completing offer.

How to claim your prize:

There are 2 ways to get your free prize requested.Pick from the lists of prizes offered from the site or submit a custom order where you can order from anywhere.Remeber 1 Point = 1 USD. So first make sure you have enough points to order.

1.Goto http://www.prizerebel.com/prizes.php
2.Find the prize you want and click "click here to claim prize"
3.Wait for your prize to arrive or view stats at: http://www.prizerebel.com/claims.php

Custom Prize:
1.Goto http://www.prizerebel.com/support.php
2.At the bottom for the Subject put: CUSTOM PRIZE
Message put:
Item url:(URL HERE)
Total Cost of the item (item cost + shipping cost): (Cost here)
Your Name, Full Shipping Address and phone #( info here)

3.Wait for your prize to arrive or view stats by going to your support ticket and looking at the replies from staff